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Private Photoshoot vs Location Day: What's the Difference?

With the diary filling up quickly with location days for 2023, I regularly get asked what the difference is between a location day and a private photoshoot. So here is a handy little guide for you to decide what kind of photoshoot is best for you.

Location Days

These are pre-arranged photoshoots organised by myself for a specific location. These are usually centered around a theme, such as beach photography, or secure field locations for dogs that need an enclosed private space.

Spaces are limited, and usually sell out fast. Time slots are available throughout the day, and photoshoots are run one after another.


  • Photoshoot sessions are more affordable.

  • Location days usually run at weekends.

  • An affordable way of testing out a photographer before booking a private shoot.


  • Time is limited.

  • You'll receive less images in your edited set.

  • Spaces sell out quickly, so you won't be guaranteed a space.

  • If you own multiple dogs, your set of images per dog will be much smaller.

Private Photoshoots

A private photoshoot is all about you and your dog. From the moment of booking, we will be discussing how to get the most out of your session. Time isn't limited here, and we will take as long as we need to make sure you get the best out of your photoshoot.

If you plan to create beautiful artwork of your dog, this is definitely the type of photoshoot you will want to choose. We can discuss your vision before the session, and tailor the photoshoot to create the best outcome possible.


  • You have the freedom to choose the location that will best represent your dog.

  • Time isn't limited.

  • A bigger set of images in your final set.

  • If bringing multiple dogs, each dog will be given plenty of time.


  • Private photoshoots can't be booked for weekends, except in special circumstances.

  • The private session cost is higher than a location day.

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