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When Should I Book My Canine Photoshoot?

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. We are so fortunate with our seasons here in the UK, and each one can bring something unique to your photoshoot. If you're unsure which time of the year to book your photoshoot, then this is the guide for you.


As nature beings to wake up ready for the summer ahead, Spring spoils us with the most beautiful vibrant colours and soft light. Think bluebells, buttercups, daffodils, cherry blossoms and so much more! If you have a black or white dog, this is a good time of year to bring some colour to compliment your dogs coat. Spring is also a great time for woodland photoshoots, and many fields are often filled with clover and wildflowers.

Best for: small dogs (such as Terriers and Toy breeds), black dogs, white dogs, older dogs, brachycephalic dogs (short nosed)


Summer can be a tricky time of year for dog photography. The heat can cause heavy panting, causing long dangly tongues in all your photos. If you have a breed that doesn't cope well with warm days, you would be best picking a cooler time of year for your photoshoot. However, the longer days can create beautiful 'golden hour' lighting, and the calmer and warmer water can be ideal for photographing in water. Photoshoots this time of the year are always booked for either early morning or late evening.

Best for: short coated breeds, sighthounds, water babies

Not suitable for: brachycephalic dogs (short nosed), heavy-coated breeds (such as Huskies), dogs that pant heavily when hot, older dogs


Near the beginning of Autumn (September) we see an explosion of colour on the moorlands whilst the heather flowers. Gundog breeds in particular can look incredible amongst the sea of pink and purple. As the trees turn, we get treated to a show of orange and yellow

Best for: gundogs, older dogs, brachycephalic dogs (short nosed)


Winter can offer lots of opportunities for dog photography, particularly for those breeds that thrive in the cold. The muted colours and soft light can help some dogs to stand out from the background.

Best for: heavy-coated breeds (such as Huskies, Newfoundlands, and Akitas), brachycephalic dogs (short nosed), colourful dogs (orange or red coats in particular)

Not suitable for: white dogs (during wet and muddy winters)

If you're still unsure what season is best for your dog, we can always have a discussion to see what would compliment your pup the most.

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